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If you're planning to move your mobile or manufactured home, it's important that you know what kind of truck will be needed for the move, how much the whole process will cost, laws & rules for safely transporting a mobile home unit, etc... Read our blog to help you plan in advance - for everything to go smoothly on moving day!
Woah! Are you planning a big family move to a mobile home community or a manufactured housing complex? Feel a bit nervous or underprepared? Well we have you covered with a list to keep in mind before you make the big move! Read our blog to find out more!
Are you planning to go on vacation or a long holiday? Don't want to feel anxious over your mobile home while you are away? Read our blog to get insider tips on how to prepare, maintain and manage your mobile or manufactured home, while you are enjoying a much needed holiday!
Mobile home residents face the threat of extreme weather, especially if they are zoned in areas that are pre-existing risk spaces. Mobile home owners make up over 20 million Americans, and they should know what they can do in order to get assistance packages. Read our blog to learn more about what mobile home residents can lobby for in order to get better financial care from the government.
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