What is Golf Cart coverage?

Do you have a nice golf cart that you’d like to protect? If so, adding golf cart coverage to your manufactured homeowner’s insurance may be the way to go. This coverage protects your golf cart in the event it is damaged, stolen, or injures a 3rd party. Golf carts have become very popular in manufactured home […]

What is Earthquake coverage?

Is your manufactured home at risk of an earthquake? Are you in an area that is prone to damaging earthquakes? If so, earthquake coverage is likely a good option for you. This coverage takes care of any costs associated with earthquake damage to your manufactured home. If an earthquake damages your home and you don’t […]

What is Identity Fraud coverage?

Identity fraud coverage insures against most types of identity fraud and the costs associated with having your identity stolen. Examples of covered costs include attorney fees, credit reports, loss of income from work absence, and loan re-application fees. As our world becomes more digital and the likelihood of identity fraud increases, this coverage becomes more […]

What is Incidental Farming coverage?

Do you have a farm on your property, but that farm does not serve as your primary income? If so, incidental farming coverage may be for you. This type of coverage protects hobby farms – farms that produce a crop, but are not vital to the farmers income. Hobby farms will not be covered under […]

What is Water Backup coverage?

Water Backup Coverage provides protection against any water backup in your manufactured home. This could be from a failed sump pump, clogged gutter, or a faulty drain. It also covers mold damage in your home from the backed-up water. Homeowners insurance typically does not cover backed up water, and this is something that would be […]

What is Trip Coverage coverage?

Do you need to move your manufactured home? This is where trip coverage comes in. This coverage helps cover any costs associated with any physical damage that your home incurs while it is being moved.

What is Equipment Breakdown coverage?

Do you have appliances and mechanical items in your home? Of course you do – every modern manufactured home comes with a large assortment of electrical devices, appliances, and systems. Equipment will breakdown coverage helps pay for any device that breaks in your home, as long as that damage is caused from mechanical or electrical […]

What is Other Structures coverage?

Other Structures Coverage is the part of your manufactured homeowner’s insurance that would apply to structures on your property that are NOT your dwelling. Examples would be a fence, tool shed, detached garage, or something similar. The coverage would pay to replace or repair these structures if they are damaged in a covered event. For […]

What is Medical Payments to Others coverage?

Medical Payments to Others Coverage pays for the medical costs from injuries to others who are guests in your home. For this coverage, who’s at fault does not matter. For example, if a guest in your manufactured home trips and injures their knee, this coverage would reimburse the injured party for any hospital bills they […]

What is Additional Living Expenses coverage?

Additional living expenses coverage pays for the extra expenses you’ll have if you’re unable to stay in your manufactured home due to a covered loss. For example, if a storm destroys your manufactured home and you have to move out, ALE insurance will reimburse costs, such as temporary housing costs or restaurant bills. The amount […]