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Recurring Payment Notice

By consenting to automatic recurring payments, you accept and agree to the following in addition to the other Terms of Use for this site:

  1. Service Provider Authorization.  Upon your purchase of any product through the Cloud Services, you authorize us to use a third party to process related and authorized one-time or recurring bank payment withdrawals or payment card charges.
  2. Payment Timing.  Payments made after 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time may be posted on the next business day.  You agree to have the (a) Funds available in the designated bank account on the payment date, whether or not the date falls on a business day (Note: It may take 3-5 business days for your bank account to reflect the payment.); or (b) Funds available in the designated Payment Card account on the payment date, whether or not the date falls on a business day.
  3. Payments Not Honored.  One-time or automatic bank payment withdrawals that are not honored for reasons such as insufficient funds may be resubmitted at our discretion. If we are unable to electronically withdraw the funds from your bank account or charge the payment to your payment card, any corresponding payment posted in good faith will be reversed from your policy and a cancellation notice may be issued.
  4. Removal from Automatic Payments.  If a payment is not honored, we may remove your policy from the automatic payment method.
  5. Excessive Returned Payments or Stopped Drafts/Charges.  If we receive multiple returned automatic payments, your policy may become ineligible for the automatic payment process, set at our discretion.
  6. Policy Cancellation.  Regarding cancellation notices: If we send you a cancellation notice for the designated policy, we will not process an Automatic Payment withdrawal or charge for the amount due. To continue your coverage, you must pay the amount due by another method. Contact us at (877) 417-8733 during normal business hours for assistance.

NOTE: If we receive a request to cancel the policy, please check the status of the outstanding billing statement at that time. We will discontinue future automatic payments once we process the request to cancel the policy; however, it is possible that an automatic bank payment withdrawal or payment card charge may be processed about the same time as the policy cancellation.

  1. Discontinuing Automatic Payments.  Your authorization for automatic payments remains in effect until we have received written notice from you of its termination, in such time and manner as to afford us a reasonable opportunity to act upon it. To discontinue automatic payments, update your account on this site or send a signed, written request addressed to CoverTree, 1555 Broadway Street, Floor 3, Detroit, MI 48226. Written notice should contain your policy number and your request to stop the automatic withdrawals or charges. Please print and sign your name and date the request.

NOTE: Please allow up to two weeks for processing your request. Withdrawals scheduled within two weeks after your request may still take place. If you are signed up to have your payments automatically withdrawn electronically and decide to request a cancellation of your policy, please check the status of your outstanding bills at that time. Although we will discontinue future automatic withdrawals or charges once we process your request to cancel your policy, it is possible that an automatic withdrawal or charge may have begun to process around the same time as the policy cancellation.

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