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A mobile home sits in a desert plain of the American Southwest.

7 Mobile Home Communities Each for Retirees in Arizona & New Mexico

Arizona and New Mexico are home to thriving mobile home communities for retirees. For homeowners looking to buy or rent a mobile home, relocating to one of these communities can make the transition easier to embrace. This post will highlight some Arizona and New Mexico communities that retired folks may want to consider. 

7 Mobile Home Communities in Arizona

Arizona is an excellent place for retirees who want to live in a mobile home community. The climate offers generally calm weather and majestic landscapes (i.e. Grand Canyon) to complement the living experience. With that said, many communities in Arizona offer amenities retirees will enjoy. 

  1. Apollo Village

A pet-friendly retirement community, Apollo Village is a welcoming locale for retirees. This mobile home community is just one mile away from shopping and dining centers. You will also find amenities such as swimming pools, a clubhouse, and onsite management. 

  1. Golden Vista

If you love the outdoors, Golden Vista is the place for you. This gated, mobile home community sits in the Apache Junction, allowing you to enjoy activities like hiking. It’s also filled with amenities such as swimming pools, a billiards room, and stations for arts and crafts. It even has golf and batting cages, making it a complete facility for arts and sports lovers alike. 

  1. Copper Crest

The mobile community in Copper Crest juxtaposes the laid back feel of a suburb with the energy of a city. The neighborhood streets are wide, so they never feel crowded. However, you can find a wide range of activities here, including water aerobics, Tai Chi, hiking escapades, and yoga. The community is also pet-friendly, making this an ideal resting place for your furry companions. 

  1. Villa Capri

If you want more than a one-bedroom pad, a spot at Villa Capri is for you. Many options in this mobile home community have two, three, or even four bedrooms. Thanks to its pool and spa, ballroom, and shuffleboard table, the community itself are quite active. To top it off, Villa Capri is located near casinos, a zoo, and museums for your visiting pleasure. 

  1. Sage Point

The mobile homes of Sage Point feature a modern aesthetic, thanks to their gray and white colors. Aside from their pleasing design, you can find a pool, fire pits, and various activities ranging from golf tournaments to water aerobics. 

  1. Desert Harbor

The mobile home community at Desert Harbor is located in some of the most majestic landscapes in Arizona. You can find two-bedroom and two-bathroom homes with ease and ample square footage. Aside from a community swimming pool, you’ll find a community center with a full-fledged kitchen. There are also recreational amenities such as a golf course. 

  1. The Cliffs

The Cliffs is one of the more upscale mobile communities in Arizona. For starters, all mobile homes here offer at least two bedrooms. In addition to large homes, they also provide a wide range of activities. They include movie nights, music listening nights, bingo, dance lessons, and access to a fitness center.

7 Mobile Home Communities in New Mexico

New Mexico is generally quiet, offering the perfect place for those seeking a change of pace. The climate is similar to Arizona in that it’s calm. Manufactured homes in New Mexico

also offer a wide range of mobile home communities for retirees seeking them. 

  1. North Hills Mobile Home Park

This gated mobile home community offers retirees and seniors maximum comfort. It’s been around since 1975 but is still suitable for modern tastes. Its amenities include a swimming pool, billiard room, and some unexpected ones, such as boat/RV storage, a library, and a tennis court. 

  1. Rio Bravo Mobile Home Park

Rio Bravo is a mobile home community that’s all about simplicity. The park appeals to retirees looking for a no-frills lifestyle where they can relax and live at their own pace. It features some respectable accommodations, including sidewalks, and is friendly towards pets.  

  1. Alameda Acres Mobile Home Park

This mobile community home resembles Rio Bravo’s simplicity but with a few additions. If you love living among trees, you’ll adore Alameda, thanks to its abundant greenery. In addition to this, it has some amenities such as a clubhouse and is pet-friendly. 

  1. Terrace Hill Mobile Home Community

The mobile home community in Terrace Hill is your place if you love picturesque landscapes. Situated atop a high mesa, the view of Terrace Hill gives residents a sweeping view of the Mesilla Valley and all its beauty. To top it off, you can find a variety of amenities, including a swimming pool and a clubhouse, and it is pet-friendly. 

  1. Madrid Mobile Home Park

The Madrid Mobile Home Park community offers a more “off-road” experience. You will find plenty of dirt roads here, but this isn’t a downside if you’re looking for a more ranch-style of retirement experience. This locale does feature some off-site parking and is a pet-friendly community. 

  1. Cottonwood Village Mobile Home Community

Established in 1988, the mobile home community of Cottonwood Village presents itself as a nostalgic portrait for retirees. The streets here are wide and make this settlement feel expansive. Cottonwood Village is home to various amenities, including a swimming pool, clubhouse, and playground for grandchildren to visit. 

  1. Sunset Mobile Home Park

If the “sunset” in Sunset Mobile Home Park fills you with optimism, it’s because it is a bright and vibrant place to live. This mobile home community offers a suburban experience with access to Boyd Lake State Park, meaning fishing, boating, hiking, and biking are all in your backyard. It’s also close to stores such as Walmart, Planet Fitness, and restaurants such as McGraff’s American Grill. 

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As a retiree, you’ve likely reached a point where safety and health take on increased importance. Having adequate mobile home insurance will give you peace of mind that you have protection against losses from extreme weather, crime or other events. 

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