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Everyone wants to get lower premiums.

Quick Tips to Lower Home Insurance Premiums on Alternative Homes

Everyone is looking for reasonable premiums, including on their manufactured home insurance and other types of alternative homes. Homeowners of alternative homes aren’t exempt from this and specialty insurance doesn’t have to be as complicated as it might seem. Did you know that proper love and care of your alternative home can help you lower your premiums? If you’re interested in better premiums, then read on. 

What are Alternative Homes?

There’s no “hard” definition for what alternative homes are. Generally, the term refers to the growing trend among American homeowners to seek out housing options that go against the ever-increasing expense of traditional American housing. Alternative housing is also a way for many to adopt a “less is more” approach to their living arrangements and in hopes find an insurance company to offer an affordable home insurance quote compared to banks on a traditional residential home.

Some of the most popular alternative homes are manufactured and modular homes, which allow for a quality home to be built in a facility and then transported to the construction site. This cuts down on the expense and time of the construction. However, the alternative home market also includes things like stationary tractor-trailers, tiny homes, and accessory dwelling units

Of course, these special homes need specialty insurance when it comes to liability coverage, and personal belongings as well. And like with any insurance, premiums will be on many peoples’ minds. So how do you lower your premiums on something like manufactured home insurance? 

Lowering Specialty Insurance Premiums 

One of the best ways to get low premiums is to go shopping for them. Smart decisions when getting insurance can go a long way towards ending up with a lower premium.

You can also affect your insurance premiums depending on where you put your house. An area prone to natural disasters will have higher premiums than a less catastrophe inclined location. 

Of course, there are plenty of little ways that you can help lower your premiums. Essentially, the lower you can make the risk level of your home, the lower premiums you can manage. Here are some basic ways to get yourself started.

#1 Upgrade Security

Pumping up the security on your home is an easy way to lower your insurance costs. Getting a home alarm system or deadbolts put on your manufactured home is an excellent way to reduce the risk of being the target of robbery and more likely to get a reasonable rate on insurance.

#2 Get Smoke Alarms 

You should ensure that you have smoke alarms installed and always up to date. Not only is this basic safety, but it can help shave a little bit off of your insurance costs. Installing a sprinkler system will have much the same effect.

#3 Disaster Proof 

Disaster proofing can take a variety of different forms. The idea is to make your home more resilient in the face of natural disasters like wind storms. Reinforced roofs and storm shutters are both popular ways to increase resistance to disasters. The interior of your home matters as well – up-to-date electrical and plumbing systems will help you reduce the chance of fire or water damage. 

Get Alternative Home Insurance at the Best Price – Online!

As we mentioned, the best way to get your manufactured home insurance premiums under control is to get the best deal in the first place. It can be tricky sometimes to find affordable specialty insurance. And that’s before you go looking if you can buy home insurance online

Thankfully, with Covertree getting modular or manufactured home insurance online is as easy as anything. We cover all other kinds of alternative homes as well! All it takes is three minutes of your time and three easy questions. And when it comes to homeowner’s insurance, we have some of the most competitive rates out there! 

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