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Protect Your Manufactured Home In Kingman, AZ.

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A Guide to Mobile Home Insurance in Kingman, AZ: Costs, Coverage, and Considerations

Welcome to Kingman, Arizona - a land where history, adventure, and undisturbed, fresh air awaits you!

Kingman, positioned within the expansive Mojave Desert, stands as both a testament to Arizona's pioneering spirit and a gateway to the wonders of the American Southwest. As you delve into this sun-drenched city, you'll discover that Kingman's allure extends beyond its picturesque desert landscapes. Its streets echo with tales of days gone by, while simultaneously pulsating with the promise of modern-day adventures.

The city's history is deeply intertwined with the iconic Route 66. Kingman, often dubbed the "Heart of Historic Route 66," has borne witness to the ebb and flow of countless travelers seeking the freedom of the open road. A visit to the Historic Route 66 Museum reveals colorful tales of this storied highway and offers a nostalgic trip back to the golden era of road trips. Neon signs and vintage automobiles serve as vibrant remnants of this bygone era, captivating history enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. However, Kingman is not just about the past; its natural beauty beckons explorers with open arms. The Hualapai Mountains, with their pine-clad peaks, provide a refreshing contrast to the desert floor and offer myriad hiking and camping opportunities. These mountains, with their diverse ecosystems, are home to a plethora of wildlife, making them a haven for nature enthusiasts.

For those more inclined towards aquatic adventures, the nearby Colorado River provides ample opportunities. Whether it's rafting down its turbulent currents or engaging in a serene fishing expedition, the river promises both thrills and tranquility.

Kingman's rich mining history is yet another facet of its multifaceted charm. The surrounding areas are dotted with ghost towns and abandoned mines, silent witnesses to the Gold Rush frenzy that once gripped this region. Exploring these sites is akin to stepping into a time capsule, where tales of fortune-seekers and pioneers come alive.

In the heart of the city, one can't help but notice the melding of cultures. Influences from Native American, Hispanic, and pioneering communities intermingle, evident in the city's architecture, festivals, and local eateries. Speaking of food, Kingman's dining scene is surprisingly eclectic. From traditional Southwestern fare to global cuisines, the city's culinary offerings cater to a myriad of palates.

An obscure but delightful fact about Kingman: it's recognized for some of the cleanest air in the U.S.! This fact only enhances the pleasure of stargazing, with the desert skies unveiling a mesmerizing tapestry of stars, untainted by the light pollution of bigger cities.

To sum it up, Kingman, Arizona, is more than just a pit stop. It's a destination that beckons with the promise of adventure, history, and natural beauty. It's a city where the legacy of Route 66 intertwines with the spirit of the desert, creating an experience that's both timeless and unforgettable.

Understanding Mobile Home Insurance In Arizona

Arizona manufactured home insurance typically costs anywhere from $300 to $1,000 per year. Insurance rates are influenced by a combination of factors related to the risk of insuring the property. While specific factors may vary slightly among insurance providers, here's a general list of factors that may be used to determine mobile and manufactured home insurance rates in Arizona:

The overall value of the mobile or manufactured home, including any upgrades or additions, can affect the premium.

  •  Newer homes may be less prone to certain types of damage, and well-maintained homes can qualify for better rates.
  • Homes located in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, or severe storms might have higher premiums. Arizona-specific risks, like monsoons and dust storms, can also play a role.
Features like storm shutters, tie-downs, and anchored foundations can reduce the risk of damage and may reduce premiums. On the other hand, amenities like pools or trampolines can increase them.
  • Homes located in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, or severe storms might have higher premiums. Arizona-specific risks, like monsoons and dust storms, can also play a role.
  • he more coverage you want, the higher your premium will be. This includes dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, and liability coverage amounts.
  • Homes located in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, or severe storms might have higher premiums. Arizona-specific risks, like monsoons and dust storms, can also play a role.
  • Homes located in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, or severe storms might have higher premiums. Arizona-specific risks, like monsoons and dust storms, can also play a role.
  • Homes located in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, or severe storms might have higher premiums. Arizona-specific risks, like monsoons and dust storms, can also play a role.
  • Homes located in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, or severe storms might have higher premiums. Arizona-specific risks, like monsoons and dust storms, can also play a role.
  • If your mobile or manufactured home is in a secured community or a community with features like a community watch or a fire department nearby, it may positively impact your rates.
  • If your mobile or manufactured home is in a secured community or a community with features like a community watch or a fire department nearby, it may positively impact your rates.
  • If your mobile or manufactured home is in a secured community or a community with features like a community watch or a fire department nearby, it may positively impact your rates.

The materials and quality of construction can influence how resistant a home is to certain types of damage.

Some insurers use an insurance score, which is similar to a credit score but specifically geared towards predicting insurance losses.

Choosing the Right Mobile Home Insurance for Kingman, AZ

While AZ has a lot of laws and regulations that safeguard the interests of mobile home tenants and owners all around the state, it is important to keep tuned into the local laws and regulations in your area! For Kingman, we have a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the perfect home insurance solutions for you!

Weather Risks in Kingman, AZ

Implications for Mobile/Manufactured Homes and RV Owners:

  • Overexposure can lead to heat-related illnesses like heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke.
  • Mobile homes and RVs often have limited insulation which can cause rapid temperature spikes during extreme heat.

Mitigation Measures:

  • Ensure that the cooling systems are efficient and functional.
  • Minimize exposure during peak heat times and remain hydrated.

Implications for Mobile/Manufactured Homes and RV Owners:

  • Wind gusts of 60-70 mph can overturn or severely damage mobile homes and RVs.
  • Large hail greater than one inch in diameter can cause physical damage to these homes, potentially breaking windows and damaging roofs.
  • Flash flooding from intense storms can pose risks, especially in lower-lying areas.

Mitigation Measures:

  • Ensure mobile homes are securely anchored.
  • Store or secure any loose items outside that could become projectiles in high winds.
  • Pay attention to local warnings and evacuation orders, especially in areas prone to flooding.
  • Keep an emergency kit handy with essentials in case of power outages or if you need to evacuate quickly.

Implications for Mobile/Manufactured Homes and RV Owners:

  • Tropical Storm Hilary, even though weakened, can bring heavy rains and lead to flash flooding.
  • There’s potential for damaging winds and even a slight risk of tornadoes, especially along the Colorado River area.

Mitigation Measures:

  • Monitor local advisories and evacuation orders.
  • Consider relocating temporarily if in an area prone to flooding.
  • Make use of sandbags where available to protect against potential floodwaters.
  • Ensure all valuables and important documents are stored in a safe, elevated location.

Other Notable Risks for Kingman, AZ:

  • While the earthquake index is relatively low, it’s not zero. Mobile homes should be built to appropriate codes to withstand minor tremors.
  • The tornado index suggests a moderate risk. Ensure mobile homes are well-anchored and have a safe space to take shelter during warnings.
  • Proximity to the Uinkaret Field, though it’s classified as having had probable Holocene eruptions (more than 11,700 years ago), suggests that eruptions are unlikely but not impossible.

For all these risks, mobile/manufactured homes and RV owners should remain vigilant, stay updated with local advisories, and have an emergency preparedness plan in place. It's also vital to collaborate with local emergency services and follow their guidance during severe weather events.

Recommended Neighborhoods in Kingman, AZ

Property Crime Rates in Kingman, AZ

  • Kingman, AZ has a notably high crime rate of 41 per one thousand residents. This rate positions Kingman among communities with one of the highest crime rates in the U.S., irrespective of community size. A resident in Kingman has a 1 in 24 chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime.
  • Within the state of Arizona itself, Kingman’s crime rate is higher than 93% of other communities. This is a significant statistic and suggests that Kingman faces distinct crime-related challenges compared to most parts of the state.
  • Comparing Kingman to other towns and cities of a similar population size (33,822), the town doesn’t fare well. Its combined rate of violent and property crime is distinctly high, making it an outlier among communities of this size.

Violent Crime Insights:

Property Crime Insights:

Kingman, AZ faces pronounced challenges regarding both violent and property crimes. The town's crime rates are significantly elevated, especially when compared to other communities within Arizona and similar-sized towns and cities across the U.S. The notably high rate of motor vehicle theft is an area that local law enforcement and policymakers will need to address. Residents should be made aware of these statistics and might consider taking additional precautions to ensure their safety. Collaborative community efforts, including neighborhood watch programs and community policing, can also be effective in addressing and potentially reducing these high crime rates.

Review and Compare Quotes:

Finally, collect quotes from different insurance providers based on the coverage options, deductibles, and premiums discussed. Review and compare the quotes to determine which policy offers the best value for your mobile, manufactured, or pre-fab home insurance needs!

Age and Condition of the Home:

Insurance providers often consider the age and overall condition of the manufactured home when determining rates and coverage eligibility. Make sure to keep your home well-maintained, and be aware that older homes might have higher premiums or certain coverage restrictions.

Local Ordinances or Laws:

Each state, county, town or city has their own set of several laws and regulations that govern the placement and construction of manufactured homes. It is important to work with an insurance provider who is familiar with these laws and can offer you the right coverage accordingly.

Insurance Company Reputation:

It's essential to select an insurance provider with a solid reputation in the industry. Research the company thoroughly, and look for reviews and testimonials from other mobile, manufactured or prefab homeowners in your area.

Seek Professional Advice:

If you're unsure about which insurance policy is best for your mobile, manufactured, or prefab home, consider seeking advice from insurance agents or brokers who specialize in this type of coverage. They can provide personalized recommendations based on your specific circumstances.

Home Value:

The value of your home is an important factor in determining the type and amount of coverage you need. You should look for a policy that offers adequate coverage to protect your investment and covers the cost of any necessary repairs or replacement.

Keep This In Mind:

While cost should not be the only factor to consider, it is important to evaluate the affordability of the insurance policies you are considering. Obtain quotes from multiple providers and compare them, ensuring you understand the coverage details associated with each quote. Additionally, inquire about any available discounts, such as bundling home and auto insurance or installing security features in your manufactured home, as these can help reduce your premium costs.

Did You Know?

Arizona law requires mobile home parks to post a copy of the homeowner's insurance requirements under the Arizona Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act on the premises.

Arizona Mobile Home Facts

Mobile homes account for roughly 15 percent of Arizona’s total housing units - which equals out to around 305,000 mobile home units in The Great Grand Canyon State!

Within most regulated areas of Arizona, a multi-sectional manufactured home can be placed in any location in which a site-built home is permitted.

A single wide mobile home can also be placed in any location in which a site-built home is permitted, in a mobile home subdivision, or in a mobile home park – all that you need is a development permit handy!

The MVD is responsible for issuing certificates of title to mobile homes.

  • The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) is responsible for issuing certificates of title for mobile homes.
  • A $7 title fee is required for each section of the mobile home.
  • Mobile homes that are affixed to real property do not receive titles from MVD.

To apply for a mobile home title, you need to contact MVD and upload the necessary documents in your AZ MVD Now account.

When completing an affidavit of affixture, you will surrender the title(s) of the mobile home to MVD.

MVD will then issue a receipt for the surrender of the title(s).

If you are buying a used mobile home from a company, business, or mobile home park, make sure to receive a business card or other proof that the person who signed the back of the title as the seller is affiliated with that entity.

Please note, these are general guidelines, and it is advisable to consult the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division or visit their website for specific instructions and requirements when applying for a mobile home title.

Learn about the MHD

The Manufactured Housing Division (MHD) of Arizona’s Department of Housing maintains safety standards for these homes that are consistent with the standards put out by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In addition to regulation from HUD and MHD, every mobile home park has its own set of rules. Most require that you obtain a valid mobile home insurance policy, so check with park management for details.

Mobile Home Relocation Fund

The Mobile Home Relocation Fund is a state sponsored aid package that is administered by the Arizona Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety (see If you are a mobile home park tenant, you may have access to money from the Mobile

Home Relocation Fund in the case of:​

Coastal Property:
Insurance Pool

Unlike certain coastal states, Arizona doesn’t have a coastal property insurance pool. Therefore, mobile home owners in Arizona need to look for insurance through private providers.

Know your rights

Even though it's not a legal requirement in Arizona, mobile home insurance is often a wise investment to safeguard your property. Read through the following guides to help familiarize yourself with rules and regulations in Arizona:

Add-Ons, Endorsements, and Riders in Arizona

Adding policy options to a basic insurance plan is a common practice in the mobile home insurance industry. While the events covered in mobile home policies are similar across all states, additional coverage options, known as add-ons, endorsements, and riders, may vary depending on your location and insurance provider. Each of these options comes at an additional cost that can be customized according to your needs.

  • Sewer and Water Backup
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Inflation Guard/Guaranteed Replacement Cost
  • Personal Property Replacement Cost
  • Home Business
  • Watercraft
  • Identity Theft
  • Personal Injury
  • Secondary Residence
  • Limited-Term Endorsements
  • Floaters/Riders for high-value items

It is crucial to review your policy and consult with your insurance company to identify what is covered, as well as what is not, before deciding which add-ons, endorsements, or riders to add to your policy.

Exclusions eliminate coverage for certain risks that are considered unwanted or already covered by other policies. Some examples of exclusions include: 


  • Catastrophic Events: war is a common exclusion, as it will likely affect a huge number of people, damage caused by war would not be covered.
  • Existing Coverage: if a cause of loss is covered by another type of policy, the insurance company will avoid double coverage.
  • Actions Within Control: if the damage could be easily prevented by an insured, that may be excluded. A common example would be excluding damage to personal property left out in the open caused by rain, snow, ice, or sleet.
  • Non-accidental Incidents: Most policies will not cover damage caused on purpose.
  • Regular Wear and Tear: if proper maintenance or replacement would have prevented the damage, normal wear and tear are not covered.
  • In Motion: Generally, coverage under an insurance policy doesn’t apply while a mobile home is in motion. Some insurers may offer temporary coverage for physical damage that occurs while a mobile home is moving. If you want this kind of coverage, it’s best to speak with an insurance provider.
  • Earthquakes:

Earthquakes are a significant exclusion in mobile home policies in Arizona due to the area’s higher susceptibility to earthquakes. It is    important for mobile homeowners to understand the coverage limitations in case of earthquake damage.


  • BSL-Preemption Law in Arizona:

Arizona has passed a law that forbids cities and counties from enacting or enforcing breed-based dog regulations. This new law aligns with the trend of 20 other states having “BSL-preemption” laws that restrict Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) at the local level.

Finding A Manufactured Home or Community in Kingman, AZ

If you're in the market for a mobile or manufactured home in Kingman, it's important to have access to reliable and trustworthy information. Kingman, Arizona, offers a diverse range of housing options that cater to different age groups, lifestyles, and preferences. From all-age manufactured home communities to modern apartments and active senior living options, Kingman has something for everyone.

Kingman Ranch Mobile Home Park

Location: 1201 Jagerson Avenue, Kingman, AZ 86401
Description: Kingman Ranch Mobile Home Park is an age-restricted (55+) community located in Kingman, Arizona. It features a variety of amenities, including a clubhouse, sidewalks, swimming pool, and recreational facilities. The community has a pet policy allowing pets under 25 pounds and offers off-street parking.
Community Features: The community consists of 173 sites, with 80% of them accommodating multi-section homes. All homes have peaked roofs, and lap siding.

AAA Mobile Home Park

Location: 2023 Morrow Avenue, Kingman, AZ 86401
Description: AAA Mobile Home Park is an age-restricted (55+) community in Kingman, Arizona. There is currently one home available for sale in the community. The home is a single-wide, 980 sq. ft., 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom unit priced at $85,500. It has undergone extensive remodeling,
including a new AC and heat pump, a new roof, and interior updates. The park is centrally located, close to shopping, restaurants, and a hospital.
Home Details: The available home is well-maintained and move-in ready, featuring decorative touches, new appliances, and updated flooring. It also includes a laundry area within the bathroom and a unique quality step-in shower that converts to a tub.
Community Features: AAA Mobile Home Park is an age-restricted community that welcomes small house pets with community approval. It offers a range of amenities and is centrally located.

Mesa Verde Mobile Home Park

Location: 3003 Hualapai Mountain Road, Kingman, AZ 86401
Description: Mesa Verde Mobile Home Park is an all-ages community situated in Kingman, Arizona. The community features off-street parking and has wide streets. The majority of homes in this community have peaked roofs and lap siding. It is a no-age-restriction community, making it suitable for residents of all age groups.

Kingman's diverse housing landscape offers opportunities for individuals of all ages to find a place that feels like home. With a range of modern amenities, strategic locations, and community vibes, there's a place for everyone, whether you're a young professional, a growing family, or a retiree seeking peace and relaxation.

Finding the Best Mobile Home Insurance In Kingman

It's essential to compare quotes from various insurance providers and work with local agencies that understand Kingman's specific risks. You also need to be vocal about being able to customize your policy to cover specific needs like monsoon or dust storm damages. Always remember to ask about any available discounts that you may be eligible for!

  • Reasoning: Sunrooms provide additional living space. This endorsement offers coverage for damages to sunrooms, including glass or structural damage due to hail or storms.
  • Reasoning: If you frequently take your RV off the highway for adventure in Kingman’s rugged terrain, this coverage offers liability protection for accidents or injuries that might occur during off-highway excursions.
  • Reasoning: Arizona is in an earthquake-prone region. This endorsement provides coverage for retrofitting your mobile home’s foundation to withstand earthquakes.
  • Reasoning: Kingman has historical areas. If your mobile home is considered historical, this coverage offers protection for the costs associated with preserving historical features.
  • Reasoning: If you carry specialized gear for desert adventures, like sandboards or off-road equipment, this endorsement provides coverage for damages or theft of adventure gear.
  • Reasoning: In rugged terrain, RVs may need recovery services. This coverage addresses the cost of towing and recovery in off-highway or remote areas.

 Additional Living Expenses
 Trees, shrubs, plants and lawns
 Debris Removal
 Emergency Removal Service and Emergency Repair after a loss
 Credit Card and Check Forgery
 Fire Department Service
 Food Spoilage coverage
 Personal Injury Protection coverage
 Locksmith coverage
 Golf Cart coverage

Now that you've got the lowdown on mobile home insurance coverage in Kingman AZ, don't hesitate to get a CoverTree quote now.

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