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Specialty insurance and home security protect your belongings in a manufactured home

Protecting Your Belongings Alongside Specialty Insurance

So you’ve moved into your new manufactured home. Now is the time to dive into the most important part of enjoying your home: safeguarding your house and its belongings. Modern manufactured homes are significantly sturdier than the homes built before the 1970s. Modular homes are designed to optimize daily operations, reimagining housing for the future. 

Manufactured homes produced in a controlled environment with high-quality control standards adhere to even the harshest weather conditions – bringing more value and durability than site-built homes. 

Buying a manufactured home is one of the most exciting decisions you can make, and we’re here to provide you with the best-manufactured home insurance so that you can sit back and relax. The first step in the right direction would be safeguarding your home, your personal belongings and even adding in personal liability with Specialty Insurance

Specialty Insurance: Providing Added Security for Manufactured Homes

Install Motion lights

Motion sensor lights ward off potential break-ins and reduce theft risks. These lights turn on when motion is detected near your house and can trick intruders into thinking someone’s at home, even in an empty house. Remember, well-lit areas are known for keeping your belongings and property safe.

Invest in a Safe

Getting a small combination locker for your personal belongings reduces the risk of losing your valuables in case of theft. As simple as this sounds, we recommend not placing any valuable items where they’re easily noticeable or accessible; hence the locker safe is a great option! Upon leaving the house for a few hours, simply put your valuables inside this combination locker. We know how valuable your belongings are. At Covertree, our personal belongings coverage helps in the event of items being lost. 

Install Home Security 

With the latest technology, live monitoring your property has never been easier. From innovative doorbell systems to camera surveillance on major home entryways, this is one of the most effective and reliable ways to protect your property. 

Depending on the type of company you’re working with, some security features include motion detection or live surveillance that you can access directly from your mobile phone. The best part is that you can continuously monitor your home when you’re away through easy-to-access applications. Some companies also alert law enforcement on your behalf and trigger a silent alarm.  

Upgrade Home Locking System

From latches to deadbolts- we recommend adding an extra level of security to your main doors. Since they are the main entry points, we highly suggest you check the durability and stability of your doors. Can it withstand an attempted break-in? Are there any exposed hinges you need fixing? 

With the growing development patterns for innovative locking systems, you can remotely access your locks. You won’t even require a key with these locks; usually, a digital keypad or a fingerprint sensor gets you home.  Like any other Wi-Fi-connected device, your smart lock requires a secure connection and reliable developers for foolproof security.

Prefab Tiny Home Security

With tiny homes, the homeowner’s insurance and security measures still remain similar to a traditional-sized manufactured home, except for a few additional steps. Prefab tiny homes that are on wheels will need a secure hitch lock to prevent them from being carted or towed away. This locking system deters criminals from attempting to steal your property or parts of your property if they are not secured correctly. 

We don’t want you to rely solely on these techniques to protect your home simply. After all, this is the most important investment you’ll make! Covertree simplifies getting tailored specialty insurance solutions and helps you save up to 40% with our tiny homeowner’s insurance coverage.  

Specialty Insurance For Your Belongings 

As a specialty insurance company whose focus from the ground up has been on manufactured homes and alternative properties, our experts provide unmatched solutions. When you choose to safeguard your home and belongings, additional coverage plans such as equipment breakdown coverage pay for your devices or pieces of equipment when they break down.

Protecting your belongings in a manufactured home goes beyond locks and security systems. We recommend getting the right combination of homeowners insurance based on your needs. We’re coming to your nearest state and if you’re still wondering about home insurance in New Mexico? Well, it just got easier with Covertree. 
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