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Park Model Homes are popular ways to enjoy the outdoors.

What is a Park Model RV Home?

If you’re interested in the alternative home space, you probably know all about things like manufactured, park model RV’s, and tiny homes. You probably also know about the specialty insurance they need. However, not everyone is fully up to date with the rising popularity of the park model alternative home, better known by some people as the park model RV. 

Here we’ll explain what a park model home is and whether it’s the right choice for your alternative home needs. 

Park Model RVs

Park model homes begin their lives as park model RVs. A Park Model RV is a unique blend of a mobile home, travel trailer, tiny home, and recreational vehicle. While they resemble a small house, they can be pulled around by a trailer. To be road-worthy, they need to adhere to pretty strict rules regarding the size. They can be no more than 538 square feet (you’ll usually see them at around 400 square feet) and rarely are more than 12 feet wide. Most park model homes will be built to ANSI (American National Standards Institute) regulations, differentiating them from mobile tiny homes.

Generally, park model RVs were designed for temporary use, as they could be easily moved to vacation areas as needed. However, many park model homes were so cozy that people began to hook them up to the grid and keep them as permanent cottages or summer homes. Once the tiny home movement took off, it wasn’t long before people started looking to live in park model homes full-time. 

Why Get a Park Model Home?

For many, a park model home is a great way to get a vacation home that is a step up in size from an RV or travel trailer. This makes them a reasonable and affordable option for people looking for a home away from home. They’re also flexible – you can keep them on wheels, insure them like a travel trailer and let you move them from RV park to RV park. Or, if you like, you can connect them to the grid and get the specialty insurance to have them covered like a home.

Many people are also looking to live in park model homes full-time, similar to those who want to live in tiny houses. Park model homes make an excellent “middle” solution for many people. On the one hand, you get a minimalist, affordable living space just like a tiny home. However, you’re also afforded a little more room than a tiny house – think something like a small cottage. This gives you greater flexibility in your design plans. 

Insuring Your Park Model Home

Sometimes it can be challenging to understand how insurance for a park model home works. As mentioned, the kind of insurance you need can change depending on whether you keep it on wheels or zone it for living. Whether you choose to live there permanently also changes your insurance considerations.

If you’re wondering if you can make all this simpler and buy home insurance online, then you are in luck! Covertree offers fast, affordable, and convenient insurance solutions for all kinds of alternative homeowners. All it takes to get a quote online with us is 3 minutes and three easy questions! 

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