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Stylish Types Of Manufactured Homes


The days of boring-looking mobile homes are over! There are a wealth of very stylish and luxurious mobile and modular homes out there on the market. Sometimes we associate “prefab” with “boring,” but that’s not just true in this day and age. The tiny house movement and new advances in manufactured and modular homes have made this field of architecture just as exciting (if not more so) than the traditional “on-site construction.”

Don’t believe us? Then keep on reading!

What Makes a Prefab House?

You might be wondering what precisely a prefab house is. Prefabricated homes are built in a facility in sections and then brought to the construction site for assembly. Compare this to traditional house building methods, where the house is built from the ground up “on-site.” 

Prefab homes take many different forms. Some of the most fascinating are the new “tiny homes” being built worldwide. These are fascinating to many because of the clever design decisions needed to fit everything into such a small space.

However, most prefab homes are manufactured homes or modular homes. These are the “descendants” of older mobile homes. Compared to those, however, modern manufactured and modular homes are built to much higher codes and come with all the expected modern amenities. 

Why Get a Prefab Home?

One of the biggest reasons people are going for a prefab home is the cost. Building most of the house off site helps you save enormously on construction. It’s also much more efficient since the construction time is significantly less. It takes much longer to get your house up and ready. If you want an affordable home right away, now is the time to look up modular home costs and manufactured home insurance quotes! 

The construction process of prefabricated homes is also more efficient because it saves on waste. When building in a controlled environment, every piece of equipment or material can be better tracked or recycled. This means that prefab homes have a much lower environmental impact.

Check Out These Cool Prefabs Builders!

As mentioned, there’s an unfortunate stereotype of prefab homes being inherently “boring” simply because they’re built in a facility. However, this is just plain untrue. Some of the most exciting experiments in housing going on today are happening in the prefabricated housing space. Just check out these great examples of makers and designers. 

#1 Casey Brown 

This prefab home is located in a beautifully scenic area near the ocean in New South Wales. Don’t let the surroundings distract you from how cool this house is. Made out of recycled materials, this prefab lives up to its name by giving authentic “outdoor living” vibes, with an open concept on the bottom. Perhaps the most remarkable feature is that the panel sides can be lowered, letting the owners modify the entire style of the house instantly. 

This prefab is one of the signature creations of Casey Brown Architecture, an Australian studio noted for its artistic approach to prefab building. They prove that prefab homes can be just as creative and fancy as any on-site construction.

#2 Deer Valley

More and more homebuyers are making their homebuying decisions based on their concerns about sustainability. Every home will consume energy for light, heat, and electronic devices. If the environmental impact of your prefabricated home worries you, then make sure to check out Deer Valley. Their family of homes is designed with rural life in mind, and all of them meet the highest standards of sustainability.

#3 Method Homes 

There’s an assumption among many people that prefabricated homes only exist to fill a niche at the bottom of the housing market. We admit that the ability to get high-quality homes at an affordable price is one of the main appeals behind buying prefab. However, we also want to give full recognition of the scope of the market. Take Method Homes. This company makes some of the most luxurious and stylish homes out there – and they’re all prefabricated. Even their non-custom options are bold modern fashion statements. 

#4 Little House on the Trailer

Not a big fan of the ultra-modern? Then you need to check out Little House on the Trailer. This company has 50 years of experience behind it but has always remained local. They specialize in many homey, cozy, prefab cottages that are easy to set up and affordable. If you’re looking for a modest, comfy prefab in California, make sure to check them out. 

Get Manufactured and Modular Home Insurance With Covertree

Hopefully, some of these great creators have piqued your interest in getting a prefab home of your own. If you decide to get a prefab home shipped to your land of choice, you’re going to want to make sure that it has proper insurance! 

That’s where Covertree has your back. With just three questions and three minutes, you can be on the way to getting the manufactured home insurance you need! 

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