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Travel trailers are being adopted as new homes by many people.

Does My Travel Trailer Need Insurance? 

Nothing beats hooking up your travel trailer and taking it to the open road. However, many people are taking their love of their travel trailers to the next level by turning them into newly renovated homes. However, this opens up a lot of further insurance questions to someone who just made their first purchase of a mobile home. 

The top questions to keep in mind range from travel trailer insurance cost, to what kind of insurance you need, to the best travel trailer insurance for your state. 

Can I Live in a Travel Trailer Permanently?

The idea of living in a stationary travel trailer is a bit surprising to many. After all, isn’t the point of a travel trailer that it can, well, travel?

The idea of travel trailer homes has a lot in common with the tiny home movement. People are looking for smaller, more affordable housing options, and this sometimes means also looking for a sense of community. This could be a case of looking to save money or because people want to cut back on their consumerism and live a more minimalist lifestyle. It can also be because for some people, the location of their home is more important than its size.

Trailers share a zoning process similar to tiny homes. This means that whether you can live in your stationary travel trailer permanently depends mainly on your state and jurisdiction. But if you find yourself in a state that is friendly to tiny homes and are willing to hook yourself up to the grid, getting a permit for zoning should be possible.

Can I Get My Travel Trailer Insured?

This is where things get complicated. Most places require that you use either vehicle or house insurance, but you can’t double-dip, as it were. This means that even if your travel trailer was insured as a vehicle, you might need to get it reinsured, but this time as a home with specialty insurance.

Do note that you will need stationary travel trailer insurance even if you aren’t using the travel trailer as your full-time residence. So you still need to get home insurance for a travel trailer if you were using it as a kind of ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). 

You could even potentially rent out a stationary travel trailer as an ADU, though you’d have to look into getting landlord insurance as well. 

How Much Does Travel Trailer Insurance Cost?

Generally, when you’re getting insurance for your travel trailer as a vehicle, you can expect it to cost roughly $200-$400 a month. Obviously, this is dependent on where you live and the kind of insurance you are looking for. 

Tiny home insurance, however, can get much higher than that, ranging from about $300 a month to up to $900 a month. The assumption is that since it’s serving as a home, the travel trailer will have more valuables within it. Since it’s hooked up to the grid, there’s also a greater risk of damage from electrical fires or water damage from plumbing. 

Where Can I Get Stationary Travel Trailer Insurance?

One of the most asked questions about the housing market these days is if you can buy home insurance online. We’re now in an age where remote digital options are considered a necessity.

Thankfully, if you’re looking for travel trailer insurance online, you’re at the right place! Covertree provides a variety of specialty insurance packages, even for travel trailers. So if you’re wondering about travel trailer insurance costs, contact us for a quote today. We offer easy online policy management and average savings of $250 a year!

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