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Stationary Travel Trailer converted into a permanent home parked in an open field

How to Turn a Travel Trailer Into a Permanent Home

Tiny homes on wheels are reimagining the future of accessible and bespoke living. Alternative housing provides you with the freedom to choose from endless possibilities without compromising on luxury and still finding affordable travel trailer insurance. 

Travel trailers have been a preferred travel companion due to their reliability and functionality; hence, selecting a trailer as a stationery home is an excellent choice as well, if you enjoy the style and comfort but not necessarily being on the open road.  However, before getting started on transforming your travel trailer, we recommend diving into the world of Travel trailer insurance and taking different coverage options into consideration when making this your permanent home.

Getting specialty insurance has never been easier, especially with the growing demand for travel trailer home communities. Covertree insurance makes the process simple, accessible, and is one of the fastest ways to protect your home and belongings by simply applying online. If you’re just getting introduced to alternative housing, look no further as this blog uncovers the best ways to transform a travel trailer into a permanent home and to have the proper insurance.

Why Choose Stationery Travel Trailers?

A ‘stationary travel trailer’ is a term most commonly used for a trailer that is semi-permanently fixed to one site. According to a popular survey, the demand for RVs has been on an upward curve since 2009, and we’re not surprised to hear that. We often hear stories of the beloved travel trailer becoming someone’s forever home and the rising popularity of alternative living.  

If you enjoy the outdoors and a relaxing off-grid type of living, then the stationed travel trailer offers you quaint living, along with the stability of a home. They’re affordable, and their mobility beats all odds. Relocating to your dream destination with a travel trailer is the most affordable and easiest way to move around should you decide to move locations. Integrating homeownership with the RV setup can easily be reversed, unlike the average home. 

When you decide to ground your travel trailer you’re no longer hauling your camper through tiny lanes and tight parking situations. If you are finding it’s time to settle down and avoid these situations, whenever you are ready, this step can be completely eliminated when you pick a camping ground for your new home to station.  

How To Turn Travel Trailers into Permanent Homes 

Sorting through the below questions will help get one step closer to turning your travel trailer into a stationary home. Some common questions to ask yourself before turning your travel trailer into a permanent home would be: 

  • Do you want to live in a campground or do you see yourself traveling on the road majority of the time? 
  • What amenities do you need in the campground you choose? Or do you prefer to be resourceful and don’t mind the uncertainty? 
  • What additional pieces of living or cooking space do you want to add to your RV? 
  • How much construction do you plan to do around your travel trailer? If any at all

Once you answer these questions, the next step is to implement these changes. You’re going to have to pick a location of your choice and prepare for the surrounding needs. Whether you take this up as a DIY project or hire talent, our flexible coverage options will safeguard your property, belongings, or any additional structures to your stationary travel trailer.

Travel Trailer Insurance Tips

Determine the type of coverage you need. If you’re not acquainted with the type of coverage you can avail, a good place to begin is to understand your coverage needs better. Additional to home and personal belonging coverage, other structures coverage and loss of use are crucial to consider. With the loss of use, under the circumstance that your home is inhabitable, we provide you with funds to continue your lifestyle. Along with the previously mentioned options, medical payments to other coverage pays for medical costs from injuries to guests in your home. A great characteristic of this type of coverage is that it doesn’t matter who’s at fault. 

A key point to remember before getting started on any kind of coverage is to know that travel trailer insurance costs are determined based on your location, varying from coast to coast. 

When choosing Covertree and our expert insurance experience, we manage to keep the costs low and affordable. With a diverse range of insurance options, getting a tailored quotation could give you a jumpstart in trailer travel insurance.

Specialty insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. With Covertree, protecting your home and belongings becomes as simple as 1-2-3! Get a quote today. 

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