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Maximizing Your Tiny Home Floor Plans and Design


Do you find yourself wondering, “how can I join a tiny home community near me?”  or “How to make the most out of my tiny home floor plans?” Well, it’s never been easier! Let’s get you started on knowing some basics when it comes to tiny homes. 

It’s no surprise that tiny home communities are quickly shaping up to be the future of sustainable and accessible housing. Packed with functionality and modern designs, tiny home communities are on the surge. Just because they’re called ‘tiny’ doesn’t mean you have to compromise on maximizing your space. This piece will dive into tiny home insurance, and how to maximize your interior space and design. 

Similar to the average home, tiny houses are booming with potential and endless possibilities in the real estate market. Tiny home builders are true innovators when designing tiny home floor plans,  from multipurpose furniture, 2 or 3 story designs, to bright and beautiful open concepts.  Tiny homes can be some of the most fun spaces to customize to your unique style and can still be affordable. 

When you opt for a tiny home, you enjoy complete ownership of the home while saving 55% more than an average residential homeowner. The growing popularity of tiny homes for sale in Ohio and many other US states is a no-brainer. This is a wonderful opportunity and choice for new homeowners, or people with a traditional home looking to downsize and save costs. 

Tiny House Design Considerations

With a 67% yearly increase of tiny homes for sale, we know they are here to stay.  Gone are the days where people think you’ll be missing out on anything with a smaller space. Every part of the home is tailored to your comfort and we all know your tiny house insurance will thank you for the financial break you’ll now be enjoying compared to traditional home insurance. 

Each house is unique to its owner, and that’s the best part about owning a bespoke tiny home. Tiny home floor plans enable you to live a minimal and decluttered life, where every decision leads to making a mindful choice. According to a recent survey, Americans who own a tiny home save 55% more on expenses than the average homeowner. When you choose a tiny house, you enjoy a quaint life off the grid, but you also live more sustainably. 

Tiny House Interior Design Tips

When considering your tiny home floor plans and before you insure your tiny home, see below some design tips that will help you maximize your space and get the most out of your alternative home living space. 

  • Utilize natural lighting: Whether it is building your study desk around the large windows or adding a sunroof to the living room. Light proofing your home elevates the feel of your tiny home and your personal mood. This small step ensures natural light and ventilation in your home, while creating a more open space feel. 
  • Play with reflective surfaces: When you work with mirrors as part of your interior design inspiration and various other reflective surfaces, it creates an illusion of elongated spaces when placing them intentionally. Spruce up your space while making it larger and lighter simultaneously! 
  • Stick to one color palette: Working with neutral colors in the same palette amplifies your tiny home’s space. Adding in an accent-colored wall, piece of furniture or minimal decorative pillows will surely make your prefab tiny home design pop.

Tiny House Storage Tips

The best thing about being a part of the tiny home community is an endless way to customize your space and personal property. Every inch of your home can be functional, from utilizing the area below your beds to underneath the staircase! Gone are the days of wasting dead space. 

Here are some common tips for you to optimize your tiny home floor plans:

  • Consider using a pull-out sofa bed: Pull-out beds have been around for decades, and there’s an excellent reason for that- they instantly alter your space. Not only do they go unnoticed when they are tucked away, but they are a great multipurpose piece of furniture when you want to host your friends and family.  This bed alternative allows you to add more space to your home without compromising the comfort of a bed.  
  • Consider open concept closets: Open concept storages are here to stay and becoming more mainstream. Not only are fully exposed closets a chic way to showcase your collection, but they are a great organizing hack to pull together the aesthetics of your house. Picking an outfit has never been easier!
  • Under the staircase cubbies: At first glance, your stairs work as an excellent disguise for all the extra storage you need to accommodate without cluttering your space. You can thank us later for this tip, but these under the stair cubbies are easy to access and store more than you can imagine.
  • Shelves, everywhere: Because of the unique features of many tiny homes for sale, you can usually add shelves to just about every corner of the house whether you’re building your own or buying a prefab tiny home. Overhead racks and quirky corner shelves are a great place to start. Even the walls can be utilized as a vertical storage compartment.

Tiny Home Insurance For Your Home and Belongings 

Homeowners insurance and insurance coverage on a tiny home is still needed and an essential part of owning this type of alternative living. If you’re wondering can you buy home insurance online, the answer is yes!  Covertree can help you purchase coverage in less than 3 minutes. 

Getting specialty insurance for your tiny home doesn’t need to be complicated.  We believe everything should be this easy! Just 3 steps in 3 minutes. As a speciality insurance company including tiny home insurance, we know how important it is to safeguard your dream project. 

Covertree offers fast, efficient, and free quotes for your specialty insurance. We’re one click away from your personalized insurance quote on tiny home insurance and personal liabilities. Protect everything you own without having to pay everything you got. 

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